HH Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche

Welcome to the Vajra Dakini online Shravasti retreat and study program with Khenmo Drolma. Khenmo offers a new and original curriculum designed by HH Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche to offer both a strong foundation for meditation that is accessible to everyone and a practice path that opens a life long expansion of wisdom and compassion.

This Spring, we are offering an introductory program for new students with a sequential curriculum that integrates meditation and Buddhist fundamentals and a 4 day retreat for continuing students to deepen their practice. The introductory program will continue in the Fall. Spring Retreat for Continuing Students Details.

Introductory Program:

Comprehensive: The system is appropriate for beginners and advanced students as it expands in depth as you mature in understanding. Khenmo will also cover fundamental topics that helps you to undersand your mind; it’s confusion and wisdom! The retreats create a rythm of personal contemplative practice and apply greater compassion and self knowledge to daily life.

Rooted in Tradition: This nonsctarian approach has its roots are in the great philosophical understandings of all Buddhist tradions and the Drikung lineage of Tibetan Buddhim that reaches back from teacher to teacher to the Buddha.

Designed for Modern Students: The presentation is in clear, accesible steps with relatable examples of how to incorporate what you are learning into your daily life. You will understand why each step is effective and how you can practice it on your own.

Read about the Vision and Goals of Shravasti Meditation

Ven. Khenmo Drolma

Khenmo Drolma has designed a special combination of Dharma talks, Saturday retreats and discussions to introduce new learners of all levels of experience, to the Shravasti Training. Shravasti Meditation is a non-sectarian, mind-body approach to practice which integrates energy practices from Tibetan yogas, Tai Chi and Qigong. Each set of talk/retreat/discussion will focus on a key area of understanding our minds and how we can learn to see through confusion; paired with somatic learning through the yogic exercises. Over time, the ongoing series will encompass an introduction to the basic tenets of Buddhism, clarifying how mind operates and creates our suffering, combined with an experiential exploration of meditation practice. The framework of the sutra segues naturally into advanced understanding such as Mahamudra or the completion stages of Vajrayana as understanding deepens.


In 2021, Khenmo gave a series of talks on how each Buddhist era’s perspective on meditation build a rich interpretation of the Sutra for Mindfullness of Breathing for the Vietnamese community. Playlist Here

Shravasti Reading List (these books are available through Amazon and other major book retailers):

How to Meditate Pema Chodron

Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing Thich That Hanh

The Practice of Mahamudra HH Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche

Mindfulness in Plain English Bhante Gunaratana