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Virtual Sangha

Join in our weekly meditations:

Tibetan Qigong  Sunday 9 – 10 AM EST
Carol Bailey is offering an introduction to Tibetan Qigong — the Three Palms  somatic meditation from the lineage of Khenpo Munsel.

Sunday Dharma  10 – 11 AM EST
Khenmo gives Dharma talks, currently on Bodhisattva training for daily life. Currently the text is the Seven Points of Mind Training or Lojong, along with brief meditation & discussion.

Morning Meditation
Tuesday & Thursday  7 – 8 AM EST

Friday Shravasti Practice
6:30 – 8:30 AM EST
(Open to those who have attended at least one Shravasti retreat.)

Special Events

Sunday Dharma Extra! Khenmo is adding an “extra 30 min” once a month to Sunday Dharma for meditation over the next several months. On Sundays with Extras, the class will be from 10 – 11:30 EST. Upcoming dates are April 23, June 11, and July 9.

Hybrid Gathering & Potluck: For Sunday Dharma on April 30, John and Nancy will host another potluck gathering for those who are able to attend in person. The Sunday Dharma will also be available via Zoom for those of the Sangha who can join remotely. Register here.

Future Retreats

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Register for the upcoming Spring 2023 Shravasti Retreat May 19-21:

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