Message from H. H. Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche

We Buddhists need to work together for the good of the whole world. For the welfare of all, we need to practice the Buddha’s teachings on love and compassion in our daily lives and not just in monasteries, or just in prayers and rituals. Finally, by relying on the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, we can transcend all religious, ethnic, cultural, national, political and ideological differences to work together with all people of the world for a better future for all generations and lifetimes to come.

May we be blessed with the guidance of the Three Jewels!

Khenmo Drolma invites you to join in our weekly meditations.

Weekly Meditation Online

Sunday Dharma
9 – 10 AM Eastern: Tibetan Qijong with Carol Bailey

10 – 11 AM Eastern: Khenmo gives Dharma talks on Bodhisattva training for daily life. Currently the text is the Seven Points of Mind Training, or Lojong, along with brief meditation and discussion.

Morning Meditation
Tuesdays & Thursdays 7 – 8 AM Eastern

Current Events EST Zone

Tibetan Qigong with Carol Bailey

Sundays 9 – 10 AM Eastern, Carol Bailey is offering an introduction to this Three Palms somatic meditation. A gifted teacher in the arts, Carol completed a three-year retreat at the Garchen Institute and is a life long practitioner of multiple somatic healing traditions.

Hybrid Sunday Dharma

Sunday Dharma on December 11th will be our first indoor Dharma event. John and Nancy Brand have invited the local Sangha to their home as we broadcast online. We will join Carol for the Three Palms at 9AM EST, Khenmo’s Dharma talk at 10AM EST and then a celebratory potluck. 

New Year's Day Event

Save the date for a New Year’s Day event. Keep an eye out here for more information to be announced.

About Shravasti Meditation

The Shravasti Meditation curriculum was designed by H. H. Drikung Kyabgön Chetsang Rinpoche as a nonsectarian introduction to meditation for 21st Century practitioners for a life-long practice. It begins with Calm Abiding Meditation, Insight Meditation, and Bodhicitta (Loving Kindness and Compassion) using the Sutra on Mindfulness of Breathing as a structure.

Women's Leadership in the Dharma

Learn more about our international activities supporting Women’s Leadership in the Dharma.

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