HH Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche- Prayer for the Earth

A brilliant red sun blazes in the sky at dawn,

While sparkling dewdrops glisten on tips of grass,

And crystal clear sounds of animals fill the earth.

Oh what joy! May this world of peace remain forever!


Two In-person Summer Events w/Khenmo

July 9th, 1-4pm Compassion for the Earth at Goronson Farm 

Join Khenmo Drolma as she leads an outdoor meditation designed to experience our deep connection to the Earth. Come for an afternoon to be immersed in Earth’s joy, wonder, vulnerability and resilience at the beautiful Goronson Farm in Scarborough, Maine. 1-4pm.Our time together begins with a tour of the farm and meeting the animals,

Khenmo’s Dharma talk, guided meditation, and walking meditation through the Mirror Baltic Labyrinth. Guests will enjoy small bites made by Goronson Farm’s very own Chef Alex using the farms’ free-range, pastured eggs, and certified organic fruit & produce. Base donation $25.

 Full Details and Registration


August 27th  3-5 pm Silent Sail on Schooner Alert Bailey; Island, Maine

The gliding, quiet movement of sailing is nourishing and calming; the water element itself can be a basis to generate compassion through our interconnection. Khenmo will lead a series of sea contemplations to cultivate mindfulness and the penetrating moisture of Bodhicitta. We depart from Bailey Island, Maine.  We have 19 seats your space is reserved when we receive registration and the boat fee of $60. 

Full Details and Registration

Details from last year’s sail


Khenmo Drolma invites you to join in our weekly meditation program:

Virtual Sangha

Weekly: Sunday Dharma  10-11 am  Khenmo gives Dharma talks, currently on Bodhisattva training for sdaily life. Currently the text is the Seven Points of Mind Training or Lojong, along with brief meditation & discussion. 

Morning Meditation Tuesday & Thursday  7-8 am

Friday Sharavasti Practice 6:30 – 8:30 am  (for those who have attended at least one Sharavasti retreat)                 

Practice for Times of Epidemics

Healing, ultimately, is a peaceful mind filled with love.   Healing practices were essential in early times.  Leprosey was prevalent, and Lord Jigten Sumgon was so successful in releving this suffering, he bacame known as He Who Dreams Away Leprosey.  Here are two practices from our founder, Lord Jigten Sumgon for times of Epedemics. We practic the Tara in our Virtual Sangha Tues. Thurs. Morning Meditation:

Lady Parnashavari