Vajra Dakini: Transformative Practices for Living in a World of Change and Uncertainty

Our inherent altruism inspires a search for a life of compassion and clarity. Meditation provides a path to peace of mind independent of outer conditions. 2600 years ago, Buddha Shakyamuni, introduced a path of meditation in order to transform the root of suffering and experience our interconnectedness with all beings.  This tradition continues with Vajra Dakini, unbroken,  through the Drikung Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.     

New in 2024: The first Full Shravasti Retreat in North America to be taught by Khenmo Drolma in Maine Sept 15 – 24.

Available Now: Practicing Peace in Times of War A six part commentary on navigating times of chaos and crisis based on Pema Chodron’s extraordinary text.

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