Although wars and environmental crises are taking place in many parts of the world, through love and compassion, people from different religions and regions can bring peace to our world, increase stability in our society, enhance harmony in our family, and create happiness in our mind. “   HH Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche. 

A Year of Environmental Action begins on Earth Day 2021.  Join HH Drikung Kyabgon’s team with your accumulation of acts and see the global effect of working together.

Check out this astounding project: “What Is Missing ”  by Maya Linn, the genius architect, working with scitentists and historians from every culture worldwide. She has created a web phenomena that is at once; a memorial and a testament honoring the future. As she gathers all that we have lost and all that we are doing to preserve the earth and its inhabitants, she invites you to participate.


HH Drikung Kyabgon Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche designed the Shravasti System of meditation for 21st century students to deepen our understanding of our minds and to expand compassion.  These silent meditation intensives use the Anapanasati sutra and multi level commentaries illuminating the stages of meditation. There is also intensive daily movement practice from the Tibetan yogic system (6 Yogas of Naropa), Qigong and Tai chi. Khenmo Drolma has been trained and authorized by His Holiness to teach this profound system of meditation and yoga. 


Khenmo Drolma invites you to our Virtual Sangha

Weekly: Sunday Dharma  10-11 am  Khenmo gives a Dharma talk on the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, Compassion Meditation, Discussion 

Morning Meditation Tuesday & Thursday  7-8 am 

Monthly Shravasti Retreats Silent retreats exploring the Shravasti system.  Tibetan Yogas and the Stages of calm abiding and insight meditstion are explored experientially, creating a rythm of contemplative space and uninterrupted mindfulness.

Friday Sharavasti Practice 6:30 – 8:30 am  (for those who have attended at least one Sharavasti retreat)                 

Practice for Times of Epidemics

Healing, ultimately, is a peaceful mind filled with love.   Healing practices were essential in early times.  Leprosey was prevalent, and Lord Jigten Sumgon was so successful in releving this suffering, he bacame known as He Who Dreams Away Leprosey.  Here are two practices from our founder, Lord Jigten Sumgon for times of Epedemics. We practic the Tara in our Virtual Sangha Tues. Thurs. Morning Meditation:

Lady Parnashavari