Weekly Meditation

Sunday Dharma

9 – 10 AM Eastern Carol Bailey is offering an introduction to Tibetan Qigong — the Three Palms*  somatic meditation from the lineage of Khenpo Munsel. A gifted teacher in the arts, Carol completed a three-year retreat at the Garchen Institute and is a life long practitioner of multiple somatic healing traditions.

10 – 11 AM Eastern Khenmo continues the Seven Points of Mind Training, or Lojong. This is a practical instruction on how to integrate the Dharma into daily life. Khenmo gives a brief Dharma talk on one point of training followed by discussion.

You are welcome to participate in one or both classes.

*Tibetan Qigong: The great Dzogchen Master, Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche directed his heart son of forty years, Chiyan Rangdro (Qigong Master Zhi Sheng Wang), to bring Dharma and Qigong teachings to the west. Many have experienced remarkable changes in health and happiness as a result of his boundless compassion. One of the forms he taught is the Three Palms Together, a powerful way to gather and move energy, bringing one’s body, speech, and mind into balance.

Morning Meditation

7 – 8 AM Eastern Tuesday & Thursday

Led by Khenmo and senior practitioners, we begin with setting our intention and then recite the Heart Sutra — the essence of Mahayana view. This is followed by 20 minutes of silent meditation and a Tara prayer to expand our loving kindness and compassion. We conclude with a dedication and brief discussion.

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Ongoing Shravasti Meditation

6:30 – 8:30 AM Eastern Friday
(For those who have attended at least one Shravasti retreat tap here for meeting link.)

Virtual Sangha

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