Vajra Dakini Prayer Books


VDN Main Public Prayer Book
We invite you to download a copy of our prayer book for your use. It is formatted for double-sided printing, and when folded in half, the pagination will be in order. 

It contains the Drikung opening and closing prayers in English and Tibetan as well as chants friendly English and phonetic Tibetan. We also present two versions of the Heart Sutra, Lord Jigten Sumgön’s Tara prayer, Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen’s Guru Yoga, and Tonglen instructions as well as Protector and Serkim Offerings, multiple long life prayers, and meal offering prayers.

Other Prayer Books:
Sunday Dharma Prayer Book
Morning Meditation with Bells Prayer Book

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While the teachings are offered freely, participants are invited to offer “dana,”
an ancient Pali word, meaning generosity, giving, or gift.