Now That You're Coming

Your application is not complete until we receive your $500 deposit. For those using PayPal, please include the PayPal fee for a total of $520. Please make sure to indicate in notes or via email that the amount is your deposit for the retreat.


September 15th: Arrival time: 4pm Program begins after Dinner with an Orientation at 7pm   

September 24th: Departure: 2pm following lunch.     

Directions to Pilgrim Lodge     

Nuts and Bolts


Please leave at home

Your own  bench or cushion for sitting meditation. Chairs will be available as well.

Pets, animals are prohibited at Pilgram Lodge and in accordance with retreat protocol

Modest, comfortable loose clothing for movement and sitting , dark slacks. Modest sleepwear. Layers for unpredictable weather.

Any colorful or revealing, intimate clothing.

Easy slip on shoes to be slipped off before entering the meditation space.

Jewelry, hairdryers, hairspray, cosmetics

Toothpaste and fragrance free toiletries

Fragrances and fragrant soap, incense, etc. Some retreatants are highly allergic to fragrances and they detract from an environment free of distraction.

Prescribed medicines, supplements, and OTC medicines that you need. Do not stop taking prescribed medication while on retreat.

Smoking material and alcohol and recreational chemical substances. Smoking is strictly prohibited at Pilgram Lodge and in accordance with retreat protocol.

Special dietary foods: There will be limited space in the kitchen for individuals with dietary restrictions or needs. 

Outside food and snacks. No outside food is allowed on this retreat unless for dietary restrictions or medical needs. Please contact Retreat Coordinator for information on how we can best support your medical dietary needs.