800th Commemoration of Lord Jigten Sumgon’s Maha Parinirvana, Dheradun India


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Prayer to Pacify the Elements

When obstacles arise in earth, water, fire and air GYU-LÜ NYEN-CHING JIK-PÉ DÜ-JUNG TSÉ
To threaten these illusory bodies of ours with destruction,                                                       YI-NYI TE-TSOM ME-PAR SOL-WA DEB
With no trace of doubt or hesitation we pray: ORGYEN JUNG-WA ZHI-YI LHA-MOR CHÉ
O Guru Rinpoche, with the goddesses of the  four elements,                                                 JUNG-WA RANG-SAR ZHI-WAR TET-SOM MÉ
You harmonize the elements into their natural state—of this we have no doubt!                    ORGYEN PE-MA JUNG-NÉ-LA SOL-WA DEB
To the Lotus-born Guru of Orgyen, we pray! SAM-PA LHÜN-GYI DRUB-PAR JIN-GYI LOB
Grant your blessing, so all our wishes may be spontaneously fulfilled!