When our world seems confusing we rely on this simple prayer from our lineages’ founder Lord Jigten Sumgon:  “All mother sentient beings boundless as the sky – especially those enemies who hate me, obstructers who harm me, and those who create obstacles towards my liberation and all-knowingness – may they experience happiness and be separated from suffering. Swiftly will I establish them in the state of unsurpassed, completely perfected, precious enlightenment.”

Our great teacher H.E. Garchen Rinpoche offers the following teaching for these times: “The single cause of all the misery in this world, such as floods on the outer level and conflicts on the inner level, is the ill will arising from the hatred and jealousy of the people inhabiting this planet. Instead of helping one another, people harm each other: countries go to war, people and religious groups fight with each other. In brief, love—the harmony of the inner elements—affects the harmony of the outer elements. The five mental afflictions and the five outer elements are profoundly related. ” Read his full talk here.

Special Guest Ayya Santacitta

Friday April 7,  7PM Courage on The Path

Sunday April 9th 1-5PM  One Teacher Many Paths

Ayya Santacitta will teach with Khenmo Drolma. Friday evening they will talk about their personal experiences becoming nuns and teachers.  Sunday they will offer practice instructions from both their traditions.  Together they will incorporate the early Buddhist views and Vajrayana understandings of the Path. Ayya Santacitta and her co-abbess Ayya Anandabodhi were recently awarded the Global Bhikkhuni Award by the Chinese Bhikkhuni Association in Taiwan.

The Yoga Center, Forrest Ave. Portland, ME