When our world seems confusing we can rely on this simple prayer form our lineages’ founder Lord Jigten Sumgon: All mother sentient beings boundless as the sky – especially those enemies who hate me, obstructers who harm me, and those who create obstacles towards my liberation and all-knowingness – may they experience happiness and be separated from suffering. Swiftly will I establish them in the state of unsurpassed, completely perfected, precious enlightenment.

Also this pith instructions of H.H. The Dalai Lama:        images-6   “I would much rather go to hell than heaven.  I can solve more problems there. I can help more people there.”

With the blessing of Drikung  Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche, Khenmo Drolma, Abbess, has relocated Vajra 625822_origDakini Nunnery to Portland, Maine. Although there were wonderful teachings, teachers and friendships; a sustainable model did not evolve in Vermont. After reflection and retreat, and discussions with other abbesses of both Tibetan and Christian communities, Khenmo committed to continue the nunnery in a context that would invite significantly more participation and offer more opportunities for the nuns to benefit beings. We have received a warm welcome in Portland with much excitement as to what the nunnery can add to the vital Dharma activity that is blossoming in Maine. See our news!