We operate entirely by donation.

Your generosity sustains the lives and works of the nuns of Vajra Dakini Nunnery and our annual donation to Drikung Kagyu Samtenling Nunnery. 

Dharma teachings are offered freely because they are medicine and we wish to make them available to everyone. Vajra Dakini Nunnery operates through “dana.” Dana is an ancient Pali word, meaning generosity, giving, or gift. It is an openhearted trust that, as students benefit from the Dharma, a wish to bring the same benefit to others arises in them. Dana carries immeasurable blessings as we become a part of offering the healing medicine of the Dharma.

We are grateful for even the smallest gift. Monthly donors make it possible to create a predictable budget, and we are grateful for those who are able to do so. Monastics, like Khenmo, vow to dedicate their lives to teaching the Dharma and are solely supported by dana. Additionally, our administration operations that create our practice and study opportunities are funded by your dana. 

Suggested donations or registration fees are only a small part of the cost of operating our programs. Dana, or the teaching gift, refers to ongoing support for the teacher and Liberation House, our residence, which is the equivalent of a small family home with all of the same expenses like heat, electricity, and insurance. We are happy to announce we have added staffing to support our growing work. Your dana also supports complete office expenses and transportation for the work of the nunnery. 

During Covid, we created an extensive online program and we are gradually opening to in-person events again. We have now resumed our international commitments. In 2023, we lead the planning for the International Mahayana Varsa Rains Retreat. We continue to lead the Tibetan-Himalayan Nuns Leadership Fellowship. 

The suggested donations allow participants to contribute at a level that meets their personal financial situation. This is an expression of trust that the generosity of the teachers and organizations creating programs are met in appreciation and support by the recipients.

  • Participant: a welcome to joyously offer what you are able
  • Supporter ($25): an opportunity to give towards the direct cost of the program
  • Benefactor ($108): Enabling this and future teachings, your donation provides support above the costs of running our programs and helps make it possible for us to offer donation-based tuition to all. Your generosity enables Khenmo to continuously offer teachings and programs.