Nurturing Our Wise Heart

Friday (US holiday) – Sunday, Nov 11 – 13

We invite you to gather with Khenmo Drolma for a WiseHeart / Shravasti meditation series and retreat this autumn over the Veterans’ Day Holiday Weekend.

Breathe. Life is precious. We know deep down that there is joy just being alive. 

We knew this as babies — we see their joy. We know this when freshly in love, as we overflow with a genuine friendliness towards the world. 

How is it that we become kidnapped by our fears, become self absorbed and overprotective of our vulnerable embattled selfhood? 

Through meditation, we can find an understanding of our capacity and the impairments that blind us. Our minds can be content, loving, and spacious. We are wise and compassionate at heart. Learn how to relax into peaceful, open vastness. 

Working with H.H. Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche’s profound and accessible curriculum structured around the Mindfulness of Breathing Sutra, this modern learning method incorporates somatic mindfulness and sitting meditation instructions that identify and dissolve the blindfolds to our true nature. 

Khenmo has designed a special combination of Dharma talks and discussions to introduce the Shravasti Training to learners of all levels of experience in clear, accessible steps with relatable examples of how to incorporate what you are learning into your daily life. You will understand why each step is effective and how you can practice it on your own. This nonsectarian approach has its roots in the great philosophical understandings of all Buddhist traditions, including the Drikung lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, which reaches back from teacher to teacher to the Buddha. 

Friday (US Holiday) will be a detailed explanation of meditation and the somatic exercises for new students. Saturday and Sunday will be an opportunity to deepen practice for new and returning students.

Daily Schedule:

Session 1: 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM Eastern

Session 2: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern

Exception: Sunday’s session will combine with Sunday Dharma from 10 – 11 AM for a special Tonglen Meditation.

Traditionally, the Dharma is freely offered. All Vajra Dakini events and programs are presented in trust of mutual generosity. We operate entirely through your donations, presenting the Dharma freely to all. We trust you appreciate the efforts of the teachers and staff and wish to support our work. 

These suggested donations allow participants to contribute at a level that meets their personal financial situation. 

  • Participant: We welcome you to joyously offer what you are able.
  • Supporter ($108): Your donation is an offering toward the direct cost of the program.
  • Benefactor ($365  or any amount): Your donation provides support above the costs of running our programs and helps make it possible for us to offer donation-based tuition to all. Your generosity enables Khenmo to continuously offer teachings and programs. All donations are appreciated! The $365 suggestion is simply $1.00 per day for a year.                    

You can donate online here or mail a check to Vajra Dakini, P.O. Box 6135, Falmouth, ME 04105.

Upon registration you will receive more details and zoom codes. 



Thank You for Supporting Vajra Dakini

We offer all our live-stream Dharma programs freely. We trust our generosity will be matched by yours. All donations are used to help support future offerings and activities for the benefit of all beings.