H.H. Drikung Kyabgön Chetsang Rinpoche: Prayer for the Earth

A brilliant red sun blazes in the sky at dawn,

While sparkling dewdrops glisten on tips of grass,

And crystal clear sounds of animals fill the earth.

Oh what joy! May this world of peace remain forever!

This captivating forest landscape, lush and green,

Is like a metropolis of countless creatures.

May all beings under the power of desire

Find peace in the cool breezes of love and kindness.

Like sea creatures in the depths of the ocean’s deep,

Beings in samsara’s six realms defy counting.

Waves on the ocean of anger surge without relent.

May the Victors quell this surge with their compassion.

In Jambudvīpa, the realm of night and darkness,

Ignorance overpowers all sentient beings.

Like light from the radiant white moon in the sky,

May the light of the Victor’s wisdom show us the way.

Water depends on earth while wind depends on space;

Everything in this world depends on something else.

Let’s keep the earth healthy and protect the environment.

May the dependent origination of the Victors reign supreme.

Please join us in committing to environmental action by filling out the brief form below, selecting the actions you will take this year. Each of our commitments, however small, merges into a roaring river of change as the International Sangha joins H.H. Drikung Chetsang’s call to action.

EcoSattva Aspiration Prayer

To the limits of space, until all have attained nirvana.

As earth and the other elements together with space

Eternally provide sustenance in many ways

For the countless sentient beings.

May I protect this earth, thus protecting all beings.

May I become sustenance in every way for sentient beings.

To the limits of space, until all have attained nirvana.

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