Khenmo Drolma’s Up Coming Retreats & Talks

DEEP PEACE, SUBTLE INSIGHT  A silent retreat with Khenmo Drolma   April 3-5

Apply by Feb 28th

Silence, Mindfulness, and the Anapanasati Sutra that unites all Buddhists, are a complete path to Enlightenment. Contemplation with this foundation leads one to a mind like the ocean and depths of compassion for ourselves and others.

Khenmo Drolma will introduce the profound Anapanasati Sutra, or Sutra on the Mindfulness of Breathing, as taught by His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche. His perspective incorporates the wisdom of all three Buddhist eras: Theravada, Mahayana, and Mahamudra.  Khenmo Drolma was personally trained and empowered byHis Holiness to offer his new curriculum. “It is in silence that the Dharma becomes a lived experience, bone deep.” Khenmo

Creating an experience of seamless mindfulness: We will be hosted by the Marie Joseph Spiritual Center in a private wing, which is located on a picturesque, waterfront property that is graced with both ocean and pond views.  All will have individual rooms with a shared bath. The landscaped grounds include grassy areas for walking meditation, and a boardwalk leads from the back of the Center, directly to a sandy beach.

Two Part Fee:

Room and Board $325 Due at the time of submission of the application.

Offering to Vajra Dakini Nunnery The Vajra Dakini office does the planning and administration for the retreat as well as supports Khenmo’s study and preparation for this retreat and all of her work. We invite donations, with your understanding of the realistic costs of running our office and supporting teacher preparation. This donation is offered at the close of the retreat.

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Contemplative Art                                                                 March 15, NH                                        

As artists, we constantly explore perception and our
mental states as we create. We rarely examine them as a conscious choice. Many cultures celebrate the contemplative artist who creates from a mind of deep inner peace. This is the wellspring of all sacred and healing arts.  Join Khenmo Drolma for an exploration of working within meditative states. You will be given basic meditation and mindfulness instructions and simple exercises to learn how to locate and work from oceanic stillness.  This course is for all levels of experience, especially those tired of the myth of the tortured artist!