Khenmo Drolma’s Up Coming Retreats & Talks

What comes after the Shootings for Dharma Practitioners 

May 18th Portland Maine 1-4 Dharma House contact:

May 24-26 Rockaway Long Island Friday – Sunday contact:

Marches memorials and prayers…then what. We do the work on our hearts and minds.  We see clearly that we have an inner and outer responsibility as Dharma practitioners and bodhisattvas in training. We can use the Dharma to see where our own ignorance begins. Then deconstructing the human heart/mind, we understand how to lift confusion wherever we find it.

“Everyone knows the great energies running amok cast

terrible shadows, that each of the so called

senseless acts, has its thread looping

back through the world and into a human heart…”

Mary Oliver, Shadows

Using the Dharma to Uproot Hatred and Bias

Learn about the Buddhist understanding of bias as an integral part of how we perceive the samsaric world.  The good news is that Buddhist philosophy’s very purpose is to uproot ignorance, and thus is directly applicable to understanding unconscious bias and its removal. Khenmo will present the Buddhist science of perception which dissects bias as it arises and the philosophy of the Three Marks of Existence: Impermanence, Suffering and Non-self as an antidote.  Khenmo will teach a Loving kindness practice as specific, subtle retraining of the heart/mind to overcome bias.

Reclaiming Joy

Khenmo will continue teaching the Loving Kindness meditation with an emphasis on uncovering joy. Recovering Joy: Meditation leads to joy! And many of us have to teach ourselves what joy is, not knowing we have it within. Retraining our minds away from anger and desire to form a habit of joy is  key to contributing to a more loving world.

“Contemplative Art”                                                                 TBA                                            

As artists, we constantly explore perception and
mental states to create. We rarely examine these states as a conscious choice. Many cultures celebrate the contemplative artist who creates from a mind of deep inner peace. This is the wellspring of all sacred and healing arts.  Join Khenmo Drolma for an exploration of working within meditative states. You will be given basic meditation and mindfulness instructions and simple exercises to learn how to locate and work from oceanic stillness.  This course is for all levels of experience, especially those tired of the myth of the tortured artist!