Khenmo Drolma’s Up Coming Retreats & Talks


Emotional Intelligence                                                                           Gar Drolma Dayton, Ohio                                                                       December 8-10 Fri Evening: Roots of Mindfulness                               Sat – Sun “Anger” Your Compassionate Guru

Many are finding these chaotic times challenging. As practitioners, life is our best teacher. Because we have mind, we have emotions and they can and do become our guru as we apply the Dharma. Khenmo will give meditation instructions and teach from the three yanas on anger and related states of mind. She will use three sources: Buddha, who in the sutras, gave very specific teachings on relating to anger; Shantideva’s Courage of Patience chapter that illuminates a wise and compassionate response to understanding the sources of anger and the value of taming it and Pema Chodron’s teachings on anger in Go to the Paces that Scare You.

This retreat will incorporate Dharma talks with group sitting and walking meditation. Every day will have two Dharma talks and several hours of Calm Abiding silent meditation. In this way, you will be able to safely observe anger within the context of sitting meditation and directly experiment with techniques of pacification, learning the wisdom of facing our fears and the healing balm of the Dharma. It is recommended that you come for the whole retreat as the Shantideva chapter will be woven throughout the weekend. You may come for the day only but please read the complete Shantideva Chapter on Patience.

Roots of Mindfulness HH Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche encouraged us to look to the sutras for the direct words of the Buddha in his advice for 21st Century practitioners. In the sutras we find detailed instructions on mindfulness, the key building block of all meditation and of our understanding of the fruition of mahamudra. Khenmo Drolma will give an illustrated Dharma Talk on the foundations of mindfulness from the perspective of both the early Buddhist and Lord Jigten Sumgon’s view. The presentation will focus on enhancing our understanding of mind and practice!

Jan. 1 “Compassion in the New Year”                                                 10am – 4pm Nagaloka Buddhist Center                                                 1 Forest Ave. Portland

Start 2018 by expanding your peaceful compassionate heart. Peace without begins with peace within. Learn the profound trainings of loving kindness, and deepen your Calm Abiding meditation practice.


Jan 13 “Contemplative Art”                                                                    9am-4pm Maine College of Art,  Portland                          

As artists, we constantly explore perception and
mental states to create. We rarely examine these states as a conscious choice. Many cultures celebrate the contemplative artist who creates from a mind of deep inner peace. This is the wellspring of all sacred and healing arts.  Join Khenmo Drolma for an exploration of working within meditative states. You will be given basic meditation and mindfulness instructions and simple exercises to learn how to locate and work from oceanic stillness.  This course is for all levels of experience, especially those tired of the myth of the tortured artist!