Khenmo Drolma’s Up Coming Retreats & Talks

“Being peace comes first. Doing peace is something that comes from that foundation.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Jan 5th “Being Peace”

1-4 pm HopeGateWay Methodist Church 509 Forest Ave; Portland, ME

How are you starting the New Year? Begin 2019 with peaceful mind and compassionate heart. They are your innate nature. Learn and develop the profound training of Calm Abiding meditation practice. Khenmo will lead the earliest meditation practice that Buddha practiced and taught. It is universal, suitable for all students of Buddhism, of any lineage as well as new students of any faith or practice. The day will incorporate sitting meditation with dharma talks. All programs are by donation, your generosity makes future Dharma Programs possible.

“Buddha’s Breath; Practice for the 21st Century”

Feb 22-24 Three Rivers Dharma Center; Pittsburg, PA 

March 1-3 Urban Dharma Center; Asheville, NC

HH Drikung Chetsang Rinpoche has developed a new curriculum based on the  Anapanasati Sutra that returns to the root of Buddha’s earliest teaching on mindfulness of breath. Khenmo Drolma will give an introduction to this practice system, teaching  Buddha’s pith instructions. This new curriculum unifies all of Buddhist philosophy incorporating the perspectives of Theravada, Zen and Mahamudra philosophies. The emphasis will be on the practice of shamtha/ vipassena meditation which is considered both the foundation and the fruition of all practice. Students of all levels are welcome.  You will build your meditation skills and learn techniques to sustain your practice as obstacles arise.  


“Contemplative Art”                                                                   March 16th  9am-4pm Maine College of Art Portland, ME           March 22nd 10 am-4pm 3s Artspace Portsmouth, NH                                              

As artists, we constantly explore perception and
mental states to create. We rarely examine these states as a conscious choice. Many cultures celebrate the contemplative artist who creates from a mind of deep inner peace. This is the wellspring of all sacred and healing arts.  Join Khenmo Drolma for an exploration of working within meditative states. You will be given basic meditation and mindfulness instructions and simple exercises to learn how to locate and work from oceanic stillness.  This course is for all levels of experience, especially those tired of the myth of the tortured artist!