Pop Up Meditation

In early times monks earlytimesand nuns would walk from town to town and when invited, sit down and teach. Reviving the simplicity of this tradition, Khenmo is creating pop-up meditation in various communities around Portland. In each session Khenmo will give a short teaching and guide sitting meditation and/or walking meditation in the fresh air and beauty of Maine.

To schedule a Pop-Up Meditation in your neighborhood: invite Khenmo to come give a Dharma talk and simply gather friends, family and neighbors.  It is traditional to make an offering from your heart in support of Khenmo and the nunnery ( in the old days one offered meals and shelter to monastics).   email Khenmo: info@vajradakininunnery.org 

Maine Pop-Ups

May 14, 4pm Mindfulness at Maine Med, Tools for Caregivers

Khenmo Drolma will offer an experiential program for Maine Med staff on mindfulness drawn from Eastern traditions of mind exploration. With thirty years of experience, she is well known for making meditation accessible and useful for practical application in diverse work settings such as hospices, colleges and businesses. When you better understand how your mind functions you can apply the simple techniques Khenmo offers to address stress on the job, transition more easily from work to home and expand your compassion for yourself, your coworkers and your patients.

May 29th 8 am Meditation on the Prom        

Sagadawa is the celebration of Buddhas’s Paranirvana and Enlightenment. All activities are magnified 10 million times on that day. Join Khenmo  for a morning meditation on Portland’s Eastern Prom in the Gazebo. (Fort Allen Park)

July 14th, 2-3:30 Recalling Impermanence  Kennebunk Brick Store Museum

Khenmo Drolma, Abbess of Vajra Dakini Nunnery, will offer a “pop up meditation”  in conjunction with the Museum Poppy Project. Looking back 100 years to World War 1 can be an occasion to reflect on our precious and short human life. Like the peace declared by the 1918 Armistice, meditation is a key to peace in our lives. After a talk on impermanence as a source of mental peace, she will lead walking meditation through the Poppy exhibition.

Four Nights, Four Parks, Four Postures, Four Foundations

Join Khenmo for a series of Pop up Meditations designed for summer.  Gathering outdoors in three of Portland’s loveliest parks we will focus on three of the traditional postures for meditation; standing, walking, sitting and lying down. Designed for all levels of experience, Khenmo will give a short teaching on meditation specific to the posture and mindfulness of body, feelings, mind and phenomena.  You will get an overview of meditation basics refreshing reminding or introducing calm abiding with your mind In a relaxed and intimate setting.

2018 Dates TBD

Loring Memorial Park (Northern tip of the Eastern Prom Trail near Jack Elementary School overlooking Back Bay) Meet at the circle.

Gilsland Farm (Audubon in Famouth) Meet in the far parking lot near the Visitors Center.

Fort Sumner Park  (On North Street in the Munjoy Hill neighborhood) Meet at the overlook benches.

Fort Allen Park (Southern tip of the Eastern Prom  overlooking Peaks Island) Meet at the Gazebo.

Schedule a Pop-Up Meditation in your neighborhood.
Email Khenmo: info@vajradakininunnery.org