Pop Up Meditation

In early times monks earlytimesand nuns would walk from town to town and when invited, sit down and teach. Reviving the simplicity of this tradition, Khenmo is creating pop-up meditation in various communities around Portland. In each session Khenmo will give a short teaching and guide sitting meditation and/or walking meditation in the fresh air and beauty of Maine.

To schedule a Pop-Up Meditation in your neighborhood: invite Khenmo to come give a Dharma talk and simply gather friends, family and neighbors.  It is traditional to make an offering from your heart in support of Khenmo and the nunnery ( in the old days one offered meals and shelter to monastics).   email Khenmo: info@vajradakininunnery.org 

Maine Pop-Ups

July 27th 8 am Gazebo in the Eastern Prom Park, Portland Maine

Join Khenmo in celebrating the first time the Buddha taught, one of four major holidays.

Schedule a Pop-Up Meditation in your neighborhood.
Email Khenmo: info@vajradakininunnery.org